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These are selection of the gardens to be seen at the Open Gardens Weekend

Honeybrooke House

  Monkeypuzzle tree       Gardenat Fullers Earth     garden5     Willow Cottage    
5 Honeybrooke House
Don’t be disconcerted, there is more to our garden than a beech hedge and an expanse of lawn. Walk round to the back of the house and the garden itself will be revealed. Note the prolific rambler in the conifer in the right hand border and the monkey puzzle (Araucaria anaucana) in the top border. They can grow up to 30ft.
1 Fullers Earth
16 Willow Cottage
We have been here for a year and seen all 4 seasons through. Now in the early stages of putting our stamp on the garden.
8 Lankham House
    Beech Tree Close        
East Barn
2 Beckside
We inherited a building site 30 years ago. It's now a cosy,sheltered and mych loved garden. Everyone is welcome. Take a moment to sit under the rose arbour or enjoy a sunny seat. We do!
9 Moyola
A garden created for wildlife with a wide selection of plants and weeds!
22 Beech Tree Close
We have totally redesigned our garden in the nine years we have lived in Cattistock.
We only have a medium sized garden but in
a beautiful setting.
6 East Barn
The new owners moved in 9 months ago and have been busy renovating this walled garden virtually from scratch. Herbaceous perennials, shrubs, roses, and clematis have been added since early April. Definitely a work in progress!
Netley House   Peace & Plenty     Orchard House            
        Vine Cottage    
21 Netley House
Still a work in progress but a lovely place to sit
and relax.
24 Peace and Plenty, Sandhills
From a field to a garden in 4 years - work in progress with a magnificent view.
18 Orchard House
Traditional small walled cottage garden, with water features and containing Andalucian and Jurassic Coast influences.
11 Vine Cottage
A pretty “bijoux” cottage garden with perennial borders, waterfall/rockery and plenty of conifers!
Courtyard Cottage   Millers Barton House                  
      Yew Hedge    
14 4 Rectory Gardens
A garden that wraps round two sides of the house. It has all the plants you would expect in various borders, most in semi shade and a few in full sun. There is a lawn area and more unusually for this type of garden, a Live Willow Wall to a height of approx 10' by 20' in length. The willow wall includes an archway between the two parts of the garden. The side area has a Hawthorn tree and a walled area with a border of lavender and agapanthus.
13 Courtyard Cottage
A small garden in 3 parts, with a secret walled area at its centre.

19 Millers Barton House
The upper, ornamental, garden was designed and planted in 2015 by Ruth Collier of Couture Gardens. The lower garden has raised vegetable beds, a greenhouse, a few fruit trees
and a bee hive.
23 Easter Cottage, Sandhills
Very much a cottage garden with colour coordinated flower beds and several vegetable plots but I aim to be wildlife friendly with a pond and areas of uncut grass and wildflowers.
My new project this year has been the sowing of a grass and wildflower mix in the paddock across the lane which is at an early stage but has germinated well. I hope that over the next few years this will become a haven for bees, butterflies and other wildlife.
  Easters Garden   Woodlands, Chalmington       Woodlands Chalmington      
0? Woodlands, Chalmington
The garden at Woodlands extends to about 2 acres. The plot is in the shape of a fat banana with the drive up to the house being the stalk.
The emphasis is on managed ‘wildness’ and though there are some formally planted areas we try to maintain surroundings that look as natural as possible. There is a grassed area for fruit trees, a pond, a kitchen garden with raised beds, fruit cages and a solar dome enclosing a vine.
The lower part of the garden is the wilder area with several varieties of birch and bamboo, larch, beech trees and a couple of rockeries. There is also a chicken run.
There are several pieces of garden art hidden away.
The pond is quite deep so please supervise small children.
12 Stable Court, Cattistock
The garden at Stable Court was begun in 2010. It is a large garden, over an acre, and is naturalistic in style with more formal areas close to the house, herbaceous borders, a shrubbery, meadow grass and a wildlife pond. The roses , which are an enormous favourite....Gardener’s World plant voted top....feature everywhere and are allowed to ramble freely over hedges and fences as well as in more formal areas. Those who have visited the garden before will be amazed at how it has grown up and become established in seven years!

Other Gardens which will be open:
3 Stocklands, 7 The Old Stable, 10 Manor Farm, 12 Pound House, 15 1, Rectory Gardens, 17 The Forge, 20 4, Mulberry House, 27 Chalmington Farm, Chalmington, 28 Fair View, Chalmington

Open gardens

For more information: email or phone: 01300 320190 (Ian) or 01300 320703 (Cathy)